First day off

     I finally get a day off on Sunday February 28th. It came as such a relief. All of us at the winery were starting to feel overworked and exhausted. We all needed a break. Even though there’s still so much to do… we just need one day off. The winemaker decides that we’ll do an alternating schedule and either get Sunday or Monday off. I didn’t particularly care which day, but I got Sunday.  

     Even though it was a day off, I still had to get a few priorities done. I needed to do laundry, clean the kitchen, organize my room etc. I wasn’t really sure what else to do the rest of the day. I don’t have a car or a bike, and living on a vineyard. We are close to a small town called Yarra Glen, but it’s still the middle of nowhere. On Google maps, the grocery store was only 1.7 miles from the house. Not too bad. Maybe I could grab a burger somewhere. Also I needed to activate my bank card so I could start using it. So I decide to walk to town! Just after I left the house, I realize it’s Sunday. The bank won’t be open on Sunday. Oh well. A burger still sounds good.

     Finally got to town and walked up and down the street. It’s basically a one street town, but it’s cute. There’s a bank, café, bakery, pharmacy (they call them chemists), a small brewery, The Grand Hotel, a few restaurants, grocery store, and a park. Out of all the places, The Grand Hotel was the busiest. So I decide to go eat there. Sat outside, ordered a burger, and a cup of beer. Both were really good! And then walked home. It was a pretty good day off, and something other than winery work.