Third week of Australia - My name is Merl

     So apparently in Australia, they're big on nicknames. On my first day, Simon asked me if I had any nicknames. And I don't really. Sometimes my parents call me Mir. Most of the time, people mispronounce my name on accident and call me Merin. So that's become a running joke to call me Merin on purpose. But other than that, I don't have any nicknames.

     Simon is determined to come up with a nickname for me. And I have no idea where he got this one, but he starts to call me Merl. All I can think of is Merle Haggard... I'm not really a fan of the name and tell him to think of something else. I told him it wouldn't stick. He starts calling me Merl all day and even in front of the winemakers. They think it's funny but still call me by my first name.

     And then one day Mario calls me Merl. Oh no, it's finally stuck. Simon's nicknames: Simone, Simo, Murph. Chris' nickname: Crispy. Mario's nickname: Mazdog.

     As for work, it's another long week of processing fruit, pumpovers, yeast inoculations, cleaning the floors, etc. Some of the fruit we receive are some Italian whites I've never heard of like Picolit and Fruilano. We also get some Malvasia, Pinot Bianco, and Sangiovese.

     Also Friday morning, Simo locked himself in the bathroom. Which was hilarious. It was bound to happen to someone as the painters took all the door handles off. And they've been off for about a week. And while there weren't any handles, the latch on the inside of the door was still there. So yes you can shut the door all the way, but no handle to turn the latch and open the door. (Which was annoying that you couldn't exactly close the bathroom door, there was only one bathroom, and I'm the only female working in the winery... anyways the handles are back on now.) But to open the door to get Simo out, they had to get a screwdriver to turn the latch. Great start to a Friday.

     At the end of the day Mario brought out some wines, the wines that are the components to his 2014 Grazia white blend. Mario produces his own wine under his label called Vinea Marson. The blend had 7 to 8 different wines. Picolit, Fruilao, Pinot Bianco, Malvasia. And some interesting stuff too. Like Pinot Bianco that had 7 days of skin contact. And one white that was a wild fermentation, meaning that it wasn’t inoculated with a commercial yeast, but that fermented with a wild yeast on its own. That one definitely stood out to me. It was more complex that the others. It still had a slight funk to it, but that’s what made it interesting. And we also tasted his 2015 Pinot Bianco. I really liked that one, it was my favorite out of all of them. It had good flavor and was really easy drinking.

     Went home at 8 pm. Cooked a frozen pizza. And then booked my flight home!!! Robby is coming to see me the first week in May. And I decided that I will just fly back with him! I talked with Chris (the other winemaker) and he asked me when I wanted my end date to be, and I told him that I was hoping to be done at the end of April. And I can spend the first two weeks of May on Holiday. And he was good with it! So might as well book my flight now rather than later before the price goes up! I paid for it in Australian dollars, with my first hard-earned paycheck.