First weekend of March

Saturday March 5th

     It was just Mario and I working in the winery, Chris and Simon got the day off. My day off would be tomorrow. So as usual, just started with pump-overs. Mario said he would take care of all the punch-downs for me. It was basically a full day of just ferment management. We had lunch around 2:30 pm. And it was just had awkward small talk at first. But I start to ask him about where he’s been in Italy. And he starts telling me all these stories. And then he gets his laptop, and starts showing me all these pictures he took of Italy and the wineries he went to when he visited Italy last year. It was amazing to see all the vineyards. And just the ancient buildings and caves. It started to spark something in me again, how badly I really want to travel to Italy. And France too. We took a lot longer lunch than expected, due to all his stories. But I did enjoy it. Later that evening when I got home, I facetimed with Robby. And then Simon and I went and got dinner at the Grand Hotel. We stayed to watch the “live band” but it was just one guy playing guitar. He was really good and at about 10pm, everyone was dancing. Even me! Ozzies know how to party.


Sunday March 6

     Day off! Went for a hike along the aqueduct, heading east. It was a really pretty walk with more views of the valley and the Yarra River. When it started to get really hot, I just turned around and walked back. I also checked out the orchard to see exactly what fruit trees we had and if anything was ripe. And well lots of pears! There’s also a fig tree, persimmons, and lots of citrus. But those weren’t ripe yet. And finished the day with some laundry.