One month since I've been in Australia!

Monday March 7th

     12 hour day. What we did? I can’t remember. Other than it was just a really long day.


Tuesday March 8th

     11.5 hour day. So not only did we process 15 tons of Cab Sauv, but we drained and pressed our first tanks! Two Pinot Noir lots. It’s a sign that we’re at least on the downhill side of harvest. And including all of that, I completed all the pump-overs and punch downs myself. As fermentations are finishing, instead of pumping them over, we will start to punch down the cap. And some of these can be brutal to punch down if there’s a thick cap. I was exhausted. And it was really hot that day too. At lunch Mario brought us some amazing cheeses and fresh bread, and some cannoli from this Italian shop. Mmmm they were good! One cheese was wrapped in grape skins that Mario had given to the cheese lady. He told us that we would go visit the creamery after harvest was done. I’m actually really excited about that! I love cheese!


And the rest of the week…

     More of all the same work…and just busy working long days. One day Simon and I were discussing how to spell certain words. I think it’s also a UK thing, but they put random U’s into words – colour, flavour, mould etc. And also I noticed on the cereal box it said “fibre” instead of fiber. And Raisin Bran is called Sultana Bran in Australia. Also they measure energy content of food in kilojoules, instead of calories. It’s also interesting whenever I go to the grocery store. I’m still thrown off by prices when they are in price per kilogram (which is almost two pounds). And it’s funny to see what they have in their “American” section – Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce, Tabasco hot sauce, Louisiana spice mix, Heinz ketchup, and other pretty generic American condiments. Oh and another thing I found out, they don’t have graham crackers in Australia! Simon told me he’s never had a s’more! And neither had Mario or Chris! I’ll need to have some graham crackers imported in to show them what they’ve been missing out on.

Also here's a video of a peristaltic pump! To show you how it works.