Second weekend of March

Saturday March 12th

Finally got to do something else other than pump-overs! I was more than ecstatic to be doing something else. Basically I just had to barrel down some wine. We had some 2016 Chardonnay that was just starting to ferment in tank. Normally all the Chardonnay is barrel fermented, but we were waiting on some new barrels to be delivered. The Chardonnay was a little difficult to barrel down as it was pretty foamy, those yeast were pretty active and happy to be seeing some oxygen. And normally you fill a ferment barrel much lower than a full barrel. But this chardonnay kept foaming over even when I was trying to underfill the barrels. After dealing with the Chardonnay, cleaned my pump and lines, then barreled down some 2014 finished wine. We needed the tank space. Even though it didn't seem like a lot of wine or barrels, it still took me all day. But happy to do it!



My third day off since I’ve been here. Being so exhausted from work, I don’t have energy for much else. Let alone I don’t have transportation to go anywhere. So the usual catch-up with laundry, cleaning the kitchen, and then went for a walk. This time I walked East along the aqueduct. Met some friendly cows and this way leads into Yarra Glen. It was after hours, but I walked past the Cellar Door (Tasting Room) to Greenstone Vineyards. They are a close by winery. I’ll have to check them out next time I have a day off and they’re open!