April Fools and Lollygagging

So on April 1st, I ask Simon if he’s heard of April Fool’s Day. He laughs and asked me if I just made that up. Maybe it’s just an American thing, but it’s even programed in my iphone calendar! I try to think of a good prank, but just come up with some lame excuse of why he has to work both days this weekend. And he obviously doesn’t fall for it. I say it anyways, “April Fools!”

Besides April Fool’s Day, I also taught the ozzies the word “lollygagging”. I used it one morning when we were all just standing around. I said, “Let’s stop lollygagging and get back to work”. And they all looked at me so weird, like what did you just say?! In Australia they use the term “lolly” for like candy, gummies, and of course lollipops. It’s a pretty commonly used. And to them lollygag was just absurd, like it literally meant gagging on lollies. And I just started laughing, nooooo. And I had to explain what it meant and googled it for them. Lollygag: spend time aimlessly; idle; dawdle. And now they use it all the time telling us, “Quit lollygagging!”. It’s hilarious to hear them say it.