Full Backpack

     My day off is Saturday. And initially I was just planning on walking to our neighboring winery Greenstone to have a tasting. It’s about a kilometer, really not that far, and I brought my backpack with me so I could bring home some wines. But when I get there, all the gates were shut and the Cellar Door (tasting room) was obviously closed. Bummer. I wasn’t about to turn around and walk home, so I continue walking on the road which I know will eventually take me to Yarra Glen. I get to town and I remember seeing a sign for a wine bar. I was still determined to taste wine! I found it tucked behind the street, and the place was called The Fermented Grape. It was probably 2pm and there was only one other couple in the place. I go sit at the front bar and ask if I can do a tasting. The lady, who I later found out was the owner, was so gracious and really informative about the wines I tasted. I tried all the wines she had open. It was a great way to try all different wines from local wineries. The wines that stood out to me, and ended up taking home were: a 2015 Pinot Grigio from Pizzini, a 2013 Shiraz from Cooinda, and a 2014 Pinot Noir from TarraWarra. I’d definitely go back!

     From there I wandered across the street to Hargreaves Hill Brewery. Figured I might as well do a beer tasting as well! I did a flight of their beers and sat outside. And I was really surprised at how good their beer was! I’ve only been drinking the tasteless light beers from work. And from Robby working at Firestone-Walker, I’ve been spoiled with really great beers. At Hargreaves, my favorite was their Cherry Sour. Unfortunately, the sour was only on tap, but I took home bottles of their Extra Special Bitter and Stout.

     With 3 bottles of wine and 2 bottles of beer in my backpack, I headed home. It was a bit of a workout on the walk back home, but definitely worth it!