Harvest is slowing down...

SYKE.. so just when you think the season is slowing down, we receive more fruit!

It was a bit out of the blue, but a grower called up our winemaker Mario and offered some Nebbiolo he still had hanging in the vineyard. Chris and Mario go to check it out and they decided to take it. We were estimating 3 tons, but it actually came in at 3.9 tons. The vineyard is in a well-known region called the Pyrenees, a lot of quality fruit comes from that area.

Simon had already cleaned and put away the receiving agar, which then easily drops fruit into the de-stemmer. So instead of getting that dirty, we just dump the bins straight into the de-stemmer. Which is a bit difficult as the hopper on the de-stemmer isn’t that wide. Three of us were standing around the top of the de-stemmer with large plastic sheets to help guide the grapes into the de-stemmer. It actually went pretty quickly. Well, we did some of it whole bunch in to one tank, which is a bit unusual to do whole bunch Neb. But why not try it! And then we de-stemmed the rest.

So now hopefully it’s safe to say that today was the last day we received fruit and harvest is complete.

At this time, all of our tanks are dry except one. And all that’s left to ferment are these two tanks of Nebbiolo.  We still have so much more to press and barrel down!