My Birthday weekend

It’s my birthday! Today I turn 24. Simon and I work it out so that we go into work for a few hours in the morning, and then we both get Sunday off to celebrate my birthday! So we both go into work for about 3 hours, to complete some pump-overs and punch-downs. And then go home, have some lunch, and then got ready to head into the city.

Around 5pm we go pick up Simon’s mate TJ, and then head to Chapel St. It’s a long street with bars, restaurants, and stores. We grab a cocktail at Lucky Liquor. And then make dinner reservations at Saigon Sally. And this was some of the best food I’ve ever had! It’s this hip Vietnamese food atmosphere. And we start off with a salad. And it’s actually a little bit spicy! And then we had tender chicken ribs, bahn mi, spicy sweet potato, and really tender beef. And it was all sooo delicious! It was fresh, spicy, and so so good. I really want to go back or eat at another one of their restaurants. We ordered a bottle of Portuguese Alvarinho (Albarino). And it went perfectly with all the spicy food! I was definitely stuffed but we ordered dessert which was a tapioca pudding with coconut, popcorn, and honeycomb. And had a grappa cocktail to finish. After dinner we went to this bar called La La Land. Ordered some expresso martinis which I’ve never had until I came to Australia! We met a few more of Simon’s friends and then went to a dance club called Revel. It was such a blast!

We crashed at Simon’s Mum’s house. And the next morning Simon and I went to brunch at Cote Terra. Another fresh hip foodie place. I ordered the potato and chorizo croquettes. And it had corn, green onions, cheese, and poached eggs. And again was really good!

After brunch we head back home to the Yarra Valley. We stopped at the Yarra Glen Chocolatier and Ice Creamery. I had no idea this place existed right outside of Yarra Glen! I bought a bar of dark chocholae with strawberries and vanilla bean. And also a cone of wildberry sorbet. We sat on the grassy area and ate our ice creams with a beautiful view of the Yarra Valley. Definitely a great way to end my birthday weekend! Cheers to 24!