Yarra Valley Cup Day

It's Sunday. Simon and I go into work at 10am. I did all the punch downs. And Simon did all the pump overs. Bung check. And then home! Only 4 hours of work which was nice!

Did some laundry. And then Simon suggests that we go and check out the horse races! To be honest, as much as I've been around horses, I've never been to a horse race before. There's a race track in Yarra Glen and it was the annual Yarra Valley Cup Day, basically the last big race of Summer. We only made it to the last 2 races of the day. We got some drinks, walked around, and checked out the horses as they were being warmed up. Simon explained the betting system. And their bookies. Betting and gambling is legal in Australia. You can either place your bet with the government run betting system (TAB) which will provide their set of odds. Or you can place your bet with a Bookie, and they may have different odds. For the first race. I bet on horse number 1. It's odds were in the middle. But when I looked at the horse when it was warming up, it looked like a winner to me! Reminded me of the days I used to foal watch thoroughbred horses. I've probably foaled out 20 or more babies... hopefully they've made good racing horses! Anyways. I bet on number 1.... And number 4 beat him by an inch. Number 1 came in second. So Simon explained more of the betting to me. How I can predict a trifecta. Or if a horse will place in the top three. So I placed my bets a little differently on the last race. My top three were horses 8,9,3, just from looking at them. They were also the top three on everyone's odds. I bet 8 would win and on a separate bet that 9 to win, just $1 each. And that 3 would place in the top. Number 9 won, 8 was second and 3 was third! It was the last race of the day and only 6 horses raced. So they only paid the top two places... But my bet on number 9 got my $3.60! Makes me want to go to more horse races!

After the races we stopped by the grocery store. I bought a bottle of Shiraz. Hoping it would be good... But it was awful. It was really tart and possibly a bit sweet. It was pretty bad, I didn't want to drink it. I was a bit bummed... I haven't tried an amazing Yarra Valley Shiraz yet. I want something big, balanced, full bodied and filled with spice. Simon and I opened up a Cabernet instead. The search continues...