Our vineyard is located in the San Antonio Valley AVA of Southern Monterey County. It's planted on a slope averaging 7% with a soil type identified as the Nacimiento Soil Series. The first representative soil layer is comprised of dark brown, calcareous silty clay loam followed by calcareous shale and rocks, and more rocks, then a layer of weathered sandstone. Some of these rocks take on weird formations, as if water ran through them. Picking up rocks was a daily chore, as truckloads of rocks were removed prior to planting.

In the spring of 1999, we planted 5.5 acres of Syrah. Then in the Spring of 2007, one acre was grafted over to Viognier with it's first harvest in the Fall of 2008. Another 1.25 acres were grafted to Viognier in 2009. Spring of 2010 saw one more acre of Syrah grafted over to Viognier to bring the total to 3.25 acres of Viognier and 2.25 acres of Syrah.

Vineyard renovations took place in 2017 with 1/2 acre of Malbec planted and in 2018 3/4 acre of Cabernet Sauvignon was planted.